Missed in History: Voynich Manuscript

BY Tracy V. Wilson / POSTED March 14, 2013
Hammerbrook - City can this really be true?
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voynich manuscript A page of the Voynich Manuscript, housed at Yale.

It’s a hundreds-of-years-old mystery and an xkcd comic: the Voynich Manuscript. (And I forgot about xkcd’s take on it until someone reminded us of it on Twitter earlier today). Maybe it’s a secret book of knowledge. Maybe it’s a cypher text. Maybe it’s just gibberish. No one knows.

Here’s Yale’s awesome page on the manuscript.

Here’s a giant resource of all kinds of Voynich Manuscript stuff at archive.org, including a .pdf of the thing.

This one was Holly’s choice, and here’s her research:

Our listener mail is from Emily, who asks a question about the Okichi episode that Holly and Sarah recorded, and why they didn’t mention “Madama Butterfly.” Holly answers.

A link to today’s episode: The Voynich Manuscript.

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