The locomotive known as the General, which was driven northward by the North during the American Civil War. © Bettmann/CORBIS
Missed In History: The Great Locomotive Chase

Another installment from our listener-submitted suggestions for happier history subjects: Today’s episode is about the Great Locomotive Chase, also known as Andrews’ Raid. This is the story of a Northern raid deep into Southern territory during the American Civil War.

Detail of the watch and drawing from an oil painting by Thomas King of John Harrison with the marine chronometer. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)
Missed In History: Longitude

When we asked for suggestions for happier history stories not long ago, we got a fair number of responses that were closer to “deeply upsetting” than “sunshine and unicorns” on the subject spectrum. Fortunately, Randy not only suggested longitude, but

View of la Scala opera house in Milan. Painting by Angelo Inganni (1807-1880) --- Image by © Leemage/Corbis
Missed In History: La Scala Opera House

The Royal Ducal Theater was the heart of opera in Milan, so when it burned on Feb. 26, 1776, Empress Maria Theresa spearheaded its replacement. The new theater, Teatro alla Scala, or La Scala Opera House, became home to some

With their ill-famed jail breaking prisoner, "Count" Victor Lustig (center), two deputies closely guard the "bad man" on arrival at Federal Court for trial on counterfeiting charges. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
Missed In History: Victor Lustig

Today’s episode is about a man who sold the Eiffel Tower for scrap. Of course, he did not own the Eiffel Tower, but this was no obstacle. Also no obstacle: the New York City Federal House of Detention. Our listener

Dyemaker Ignacio J. del R¡o Duenas, watches clusters of female cochineal insects feed on a nopal cactus leaf on his Tlapanochestli farm. Image by © Macduff Everton/Corbis
Missed In History: Colors

In the last year and a half, Holly and I have recorded plenty of episodes that have been requested by multiple listeners. But this is the first time that multiple listeners have requested different pieces of the same episode. Nicole

Dawson City, Yukon, Canada: Yukon river from midnight dome. (Image by © Blake Kent/Design Pics/Corbis)
Missed In History: Klondike Big Inch Land Promotion

Early in the 1900s, Quaker Puffed Rice and Quaker Puffed Wheat were “The Cereal Shot From Guns.” Really. Here’s a commercial as proof. The slogan had to do with how the puffed grain cereals were made, and yet, for some

Wounded prisoners are placed in a truck after the governor declared martial law. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS)
Missed In History: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen me put out a request recently for some happier history fare. I’d spent the weeks leading up to that request researching the Doctors’ Riot, the Battle of Blair

Workers at a West Virginia coal mine in 1908. © CORBIS
Missed In History: The Battle of Blair Mountain

While West Virginia has lots of industries other than coal, mining has been such a central part of the state’s history that sometimes it seems like the two are nearly synonymous. Today’s story was a pivotal moment in West Virginia’s

"The Arrival of the French Girls at Quebec, 1667." C.W. Jefferys. Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1990-568-1
Missed In History: Les Filles du Roi

In the 1600s, France had a problem. Both it and England were trying to build colonies in the Americas, and from population standpoint, England was way ahead, with its number of colonists in the low six figures. France, on the

Body snatchers. © Bettmann/CORBIS
Missed In History: The Doctors’ Riot of 1788

  Sawbones is a show about medical history. It’s for fun. Sometimes it’s also for giving me ideas for podcast subjects, which is what happened with today’s episode. After listening to the Sawbones episode Corpse Theft and the Resurrection Men

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