A view of Salt Lake City, Utah. (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Sport) Inset: Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in "The Kid."
Missed In History: Salt Lake Film History (Live!)

Because a trip to Salt Lake City wasn’t in the cards for me this March, Bryan Young joins Holly as guest host for the first of two live shows at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX. This one’s about film history

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's marriage in St James's Palace, London, 1840; the couple are shown holding hands before the cleric performing the service, surrounded by onlookers. (Photo by Guildhall Library & Art Gallery/Heritage Images/Getty Images)
Missed In History: White Weddings

For about the last 18 months, listeners have periodically asked us to talk about weddings on the show. About half the requests were to do a history of marriage … which is a little too broad to cover in one

A Lancer on guard in Dublin beside a tramcar used as a barricade during the Easter Rising.  (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)
Missed In History: The Easter Rising

If you live in Ireland, you probably didn’t miss the Easter Rising in history class — and, as always, the name of our podcast isn’t intended to be a promise to talk only about things no history class covers. But

A pizza baker in Naples pushes a pizza into a wood-fired oven (Photo by ullstein picture / ullstein picture via Getty Images )
Missed In History: Pizza Live!

For our C2E2 live show, we wanted to talk about something that was connected to the Chicago area. Chicago has come up rather frequently in past episodes — there’s plenty to draw from — and in the end, we settled

How I feel when checking my email more days than not. (Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock)
Mailbag Roundup: Another Load of Pronunciation Corrections

Here’s another roundup of pronunciation corrections (this is the prior one) we’ve received about the podcast, but haven’t corrected on the air: Lima, OH, is pronounced like lima beans, not like Lima, Peru. Mackinac Island is pronounced “MACK-i-naw,” not like it is spelled.

Dr. Bateman's Pectoral Drops. Key ingredient: opium. Inset: Oliver Haugh. (Public domain images)
Missed In History: Oliver Haugh

We mention Oliver Haugh briefly in Holly’s interview with David McCullough about his book on the Wright Brothers. Haugh’s the one who hit Wilbur in the mouth with a hockey stick, then went on to become a serial killer. He’s

iunderhill/iStock/ThinkStock. Inset: Mingman Srilakorn/iStock/ThinkStock
Missed In History: Sign Language on Martha’s Vineyard

Listener Kate wrote us an incredibly captivating email, which we read at the end of this podcast, in which she asked us to cover today’s subjection the show. When Europeans began to settle on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the

"The Quadroon's Comparison" (attempting to confirm the race of the discovered torso) in the National Police Gazzette, March 1887.
Missed In History: An Interview With Dr. Kali Nicole Gross

Today’s podcast is an interview with Dr. Kali Nicole Gross about her book, “Hannah Mary Tabbs and the Disembodied Torso: A Tale of Race, Sex, and Violence in America.” It’s the story of a gruesome murder, but it’s simultaneously an examination of

Bronze sculpture showing Zheng He's fleet at Zhenghe Treasure Ship Park in Nanjing. © Imaginechina/Corbis
Missed in History: Zheng He

Fara and Eric (and probably other listeners as well) both requested today’s episode on Zheng He and the fleet of ships he commanded on trading and diplomatic expeditions from China in the 15th century. A lot of retellings of Zheng

José Gabriel Condorcanqui, known as Tupac Amaru
Missed In History: The Tupac Amaru Rebellion

Toward the end of the Revolutionary War between the British Empire and its American colonies, another conflict started between another empire and its colonies in the Americas. This time, it was the Spanish empire, and the colonies in question were

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