Rooftop of Palau Guell at at Dusk. (Dan Herrick/Getty Images) Missed in History: Antoni Gaudi Part 2

Today is our second part of our two-parter on Antoni Gaudi. We’re talking about the bulk of his career in this episode, as well as getting into the details of his astonishing seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We promise some

Mosaic Salamander, "El Erac," at Parc Guell. (Karl Blackwell/Getty Images) Missed in History: Antoni Gaudi Part 1

Antoni Gaudi’s life and work as an architect were so monumental that we need two episodes to talk about it all. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in his body of work — an incredible achievement. In this first

sea-monkey-660x357 Missed In History: Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys have a distinctively kitschy place in the world of American pop culture. Their inventor, Harold von Braunhut, had a hand in inventing a number of other novelty items — as well as a spring-loaded, concealable weapon. But in

(Roxana_Ro/iStockphoto/ThinkStock) Missed in History: The Year Without a Summer

Listener Cecille requested an episode on the Year Without a Summer, but it took reading “Without a Summer” from Mary Robinette Kowal’s Glamourist Histories series to bump it to the top of the list. The novel is set in a

Archaeologist Andrew Reinhard (R) shows off the first "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" cartridges recovered from the old Alamogordo landfill, in Alamogordo, New Mexico, April 26, 2014. Image by © MARK WILSON/Reuters/Corbis Missed in History: Unearthed! In 2014 Part 2

Our second Unearthed! episode for 2014 is full of things that didn’t really fit any other category, followed by medical unearthings, food and drinks, literature and letters, and, a perpetual favorite, exhumations. Listener mail is from Gini, with a charming

Athens, Greece - The Antikythera Shipwreck exhibition takes place at National Archaeological museum in Athens. Some of this years finds are also from that wreck. © Aristidis Vafeiadakis/ Missed in History: Unearthed! in 2014 Part 1

In the first of this year’s two episodes on what was literally and figuratively unearthed in 2014, today we talk about some discoveries that tie to past podcast episodes, a few stories that really tip the scales on serendipity, shipwrecks,

KevTate999/iStockphoto/ThinkStock Missed In History: Unearthed! Stonehenge

Every once in a while, something happens that makes me wonder if we’re living in a computer simulation. Maybe it’s a favorite line from a movie that I’m sure I know but turns out to be different the next time

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper (R) listens as Parks Canada's Ryan Harris talks about an image showing one of two ships from the lost Franklin expedition, in Ottawa Sept. 9, 2014. --- Image by © CHRIS WATTIE/Reuters/Corbis Missed In History: Unearthed! Franklin’s Lost Expedition

One of the stories that hit our inbox the most times in 2014 was the announcement that a wrecked ship from Franklin’s lost expedition had been found. So, today we’re kicking off “Unearthed!” season by updating the 2009 Franklin Expedition

belchonock/iStockphoto/ThinkStock Missed In History: The Egg Nog Riot

Here’s a story to add to roundups that roll the Keene pumpkin riot, Disco Demolition Night and that time the West Virginia University Mountaineers beat Baylor University in a regular-season game into one handy chronology. In 1826, cadets at West

Elsie Schuenemann Roberts, daughter of Captain Schunemann, holding a Christmas tree on a sidewalk in Chicago, Illinois, 1928. From the Chicago Daily News collection. (Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images) Missed In History: The Christmas Tree Ship

In what’s become a running theme on the show lately, today’s episode is a frequent listener request … and one that’s a lot sadder than we realized before we got into it. For many years, sail-powered shipping dominated the Great

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