Unearthed in 2013, Part 2

24 Oct 2013, Lima, Peru --- An archaeologist cleans a recently discovered tomb of an intact mummy of the Wari prehispanic culture in Lima's Huaca Pucllana ceremonial complex, at Miraflores district, October 24, 2013. An archaeological site in the midst of Peru's bustling capital has yielded yet another pre-Incan prize, an undisturbed Wari tomb containing two corpses wrapped in ceremonial fabric, archeologists said on Thursday. The tomb, estimated to be more than 1,000 years old, was found at the Pucllana archaeological site in Lima. It contained the bodies of an adult and an infant, along with nearly 10 intact artifacts. REUTERS/Mariana Bazo (PERU - Tags: SOCIETY) --- Image by © MARIANA BAZO/Reuters/Corbis

The second part of 2013's historical finds includes items unearthed by animals, amateurs and ultra-modern science. Lead coffins, rare torpedoes and mass graves are featured. And of course, there's discussion of everyone's favorite topic: exhumations.

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