The Krampus and Friends Holiday Special, Part 2

12 Dec 2015, Barcelona, Spain --- Dec. 12, 2015 - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain - Pile of ''Caga Tio'' or ''Tio de Nadal'', meaning in English ''Christmas Log'', are seen at Christmas Market of Santa Llucia in Barcelona. (Credit Image: © Jordi Boixareu via ZUMA Wire) --- Image by © Jordi Boixareu/ZUMA Press/Corbis

In addition to the characters we talked about on our last episode, there are even more colorful holiday traditions that may be a bit surprising to people who didn't grow up with them. That includes the ogress of Iceland and the Catalan pooping log. Read the show notes here.

© Jordi Boixareu/ZUMA Press/Corbis