Fearless, Feisty and Unflagging: The Women of Gettysburg

"Fearless French Mary" Marie Tepe stands on Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg in 1863. Public domain

Military history rarely focuses on the women who lived through conflict and worked on recovery efforts. This episode covers women who assisted troops, buried the dead, nursed the wounded, and managed to survive the fighting in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

This episode was originally performed as a live show as part of the Gettysburg Foundation's Great Conversation series. Our sincerest thanks to the Gettysburg Foundation, NPS Ranger Chris Gwinn, Gettysburg National Military Park Chief of Interpretation and Education, and Bethany Yingling, Events Coordinator, for making the trip to Gettysburg a delight.

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Topics in this Podcast: women, Pennsylvania, warfare, 19th century, U.S. history, Battle of Gettysburg, black history, slavery, U.S. civil war, Six Impossible Episodes