Behind the Scenes Minis: Belinfante and Chutz-POW!

Frieda Belinfante (left) sits with Henriette Bosmans in their home in Amsterdam./ The promo sheet for Chutz-POW! Volume 4 UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM-PUBLIC DOMAIN/IMAGE COURTESY OF THE HOLOCAUST CENTER OF PITTSBURGH

It's Chutz-POW! week! Tracy and Holly discuss some of the details about Frieda Belinfante's life that didn't make it into Monday's episode, and talk about the importance of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh's comic book project at a time when there are fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors living to tell their stories.

For more information about the comic and a link to order, visit the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh's page here.

You can find information about the Chutz-POW! Teacher's Resource Guide here.

Topics in this Podcast: holocaust, Jewish history, LGBTQIA history