First Lady Rosalynn Carter: Active, Kind and Gracious

Today, Jane and I are going to a press conference at the In light of the day's event, I thought I'd spotlight Mrs. Carter in today's first lady feature. I think she's a pretty unique first lady. Did you know that she traveled solo around the nation t ...

I mentioned yesterday that it's a first lady tradition to have a feature photograph in Vogue. If you're Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, it's a pretty exclusive tradition to be on the cover. But one first lady opted out: Bess Truman. Since I'll be ...

First 100 Days: A Presidential Honeymoon

People in the media have been making a lot of references to Barack Obama's first 100 days in office. CNN even keeps a progress report of how he's doing during this crucial period. But, what's so special about this span of time?

First Ladies in Vogue -- Literally

Jane and I have discussed the role of first lady on the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast. We've explained that the office is an unofficial one (it's mentioned nowhere in the Constitution), and it's a position that a woman falls into by virtu ...

Results are in: Historians Elect Lincoln

After the United States elected Barack Obama as its 43rd president, Historians went to the polls to pick their favorites of the last 42.