Obama Recovery Program Logos Designed to Make You Hopeful

Have you seen the new logos the Obama administration commissioned for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (Tiger)? According to NYTimes.com The Moment Blog, a few design firms collaborated to produce them, one of which (Mode Project) had a hand in designing Obama's campaign sl"O"gan. Mode Project's creative director Steve Juras commented that designing the ARRA logo was an interesting feat because it mustn't seem "governmental," but it must convey "a visible sign of progress" in the fields of energy, health care and education. And the team couldn't get too creative with the Tiger logo because the administration had its own idea: Make it look like a tiger!

But just how grrrrrrreat are these logos? President Obama explained, "These emblems are symbols of our commitment to you, the American people" and that they denote tax dollars being spent "wisely." According to Psychology Today, logos really do have the power to get people riled up. The more we see a logo, the more likely we are to act in accordance with the message behind it. So expect to see these logos in lots of places. And if the logos wield the kind of power the Obama administration intends, we might feel the same surge of hope upon glimpsing at them as we would opening our mailboxes to find a fat stimulus check.

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