Stuff You Missed in History Class Live Shows 2018!

Stuff You Missed in History Class live shows! Photo by John Fulton

Stuff You Missed in History Class Live Shows 2018!

Here's a run-down of our upcoming live shows! We've got other shows in the works as well. Watch this space for more details and future announcements.

Here are a few FAQs:

Q: Why aren't you coming to my city?

A: Most likely, a venue or event in your city hasn't invited us (yet). (There's a tiny, tiny chance that your city did invite us and it didn't work out, but at this point that's only happened a couple of times due to scheduling conflicts.) We are working our way toward a stand-alone tour, and a big factor in where we go will be where we have the most listeners.

Q: How can I get you to come to my city?

A: If there's a museum, convention, conference or something similar in your area, let the organizers know you'd like us to be there! And if there isn't, just keep downloading and listening to the podcast, and encourage your local friends to do the same!

Q: Will these live shows be episodes of the podcast, too?

A: Unless something unforeseen happens during recording or production, yes, the live performance will be an episode of the show. If there's some kind of recoding catastrophe, we'll release a studio version instead.