Show Notes: Unearthed in 2016 Part 2

Tracy Wilson

Inscribed surfaces of the stele that mentions the goddess Uni as well as a reference to the god Tina, the name of the supreme deity of the Etruscans. Photo courtesy Mugello Valley Project
Inscribed surfaces of the stele that mentions the goddess Uni as well as a reference to the god Tina, the name of the supreme deity of the Etruscans. Photo courtesy Mugello Valley Project

In the second half of our Unearthed! series for 2016, we talk about some finds that have set the historical record straight, a few things that are really big, exhumations, and debunkings, among others.

Here's a link to Must Farm, which is incredible.

The video we talked about of the archaeological dig at Harvard is waaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of this post, below the sources, or you can click here: Digging Archaeology at Harvard Yard.

Episode link: Unearthed! in 2016, Part 2

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