Show Notes: White Weddings

Tracy Wilson

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's marriage in St James's Palace, London, 1840; the couple are shown holding hands before the cleric performing the service, surrounded by onlookers. Photo by Guildhall Library & Art Gallery/Heritage Images/Getty Images

For about the last 18 months, listeners have periodically asked us to talk about weddings on the show. About half the requests were to do a history of marriage ... which is a little too broad to cover in one episode, at least in a really global way. The other half have been about wedding traditions. When looking into this later suggestion, the research led me down a slightly different path - a brief history of the "white wedding."

Our listener mail is from Charles, and touches on the languages mentioned in our Tupac Amaru episode.

For more knowledge: 10 Wacky Pieces of Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Episode link: A Brief History of the White Wedding

My research:

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