Show Notes: The Princess and the Glass Piano

Tracy Wilson

Princess Alexandra of Bavaria.

After researching and recording our episodes on Loving v. Virginia the previous week, I was looking for a story that was a little narrower in scope. Something that wouldn't be so weighty we'd want to split it into a second part. Something we could record without having to stop and compose ourselves. Somehow I wound up with the story of Princess Alexandra of Bavaria, who, in her young adulthood, came to believe that she'd swallowed a glass grand piano as a child, and that she had to move carefully or else it would break. (Past Stuff You Missed in History Class hosts also mention her in Mad King Ludwig Dines Alone.)

Our listener mail is one of many pointing out how we goofed up in Australia's Rabbit-proof Fence. We meant to say that dingoes came to Australia with people - not that those people were the first ones ever in Australia. People have been in Australia for much longer than we said. In particular, we read notes from Carin and Alex on this point.

Maybe a modern analog: What is cyberchondria?

Episode link: The Princess Who Swallowed a Glass Piano