Show Notes: The Lady Hastings Scandal

Tracy Wilson

Lady Flora Hastings (1806 - 1839), lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent, circa 1830. Engraving by J. Horsburgh after a painting by Kenneth MacLeay RSA. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Holly has made no secret of her love for Queen Victoria - a fondness so deep that she's been reluctant to research a podcast episode on her for fear of fangirling. To dodge that possibility, today we're focusing on one of the major missteps in Victoria's early reign. When Lady Flora Hastings experienced mysterious pain and a swollen abdomen, many at court leapt to the conclusion that she was secretly pregnant. The young queen's handling of the situation wound up both harming Lady Hastings and damaging her own reputation.

Our listener mail is a holiday card from St. Petersburg, Russia, from Ekatarina. We also hear from Caroline on peanut butter.

Episode link: Queen Victoria: The Lady Hastings Scandal

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