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Show Notes: The Great Famine

Missed In History: The Great Famine
Mao Zedong c. 1958, prior to the famine. Photo by Apic/Getty Images

Today's episode is part two in our miniseries on China under the rule of Chinese Communist Party chairman Mao Zedong. Last time, we talked about the Great Leap Forward, which was an attempt to both turn China into a communist utopia and surpass the economic power of Great Britain (and, eventually, the United States). The Great Leap Forward was catastrophic from several angles, and one of its consequences was a massive famine, which we discuss today.

A note: We do not do a particularly good job saying the name of head of state Liu Shaoqi in this episode. I found a much clearer pronunciation resource after this one was complete, unfortunately, so we (I hope) get it closer to right in our forthcoming episodes on the Cultural Revolution.

Our listener mail is a correction about our episode on longitude, as well as an email from Brianna following our Battle of Blair Mountain episode.

For more knowledge: How Famine Works.

Episode link: The Great Famine

To preview what's next in this miniseries: A Chinese propaganda poster showing Mao Zedong with peasants during the Cultural Revolution of 1966.
Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images

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