Show Notes: The Expulsion of Jews from Spain

Tracy Wilson

The Alhambra Decree (also known as the Edict of Expulsion) was an edict issued on 31 March 1492 by the joint Catholic Monarchs of Spain (Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon) ordering the expulsion of Jews from the Kingdom of Spain and its territories and possessions Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Spain wasn't the first or only nation in Medieval Europe to expel its Jewish population. (It also wasn't yet the unified nation known as Spain for all of the time this episode covers, but we're sticking with Spain for simplicity.) However, in the typical U.S. history classroom, this expulsion is greatly overshadowed by another event that happened in the same year - Christopher Columbus' first voyage.

Our listener mail is from Doug about our Beast of Gévaudan episode. He wrote about The Book of Were-Wolves.

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