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Show Notes: The Easter Rising

Missed In History: The Easter Rising
A Lancer on guard in Dublin beside a tramcar used as a barricade during the Easter Rising. Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

If you live in Ireland, you probably didn't miss the Easter Rising in history class - and, as always, the name of our podcast isn't intended to be a promise to talk only about things no history class covers. But with the 100th anniversary of the event on the horizon, we've been getting listener requests to talk about it for about a year.

The reasons behind the Easter Rising were complex, and there was immediate disagreement about it, which has continued until the present. So, today's episode takes an overall look at the long history of Irish resistance against English rule, and a broad look at the uprising as it played out, and how it is interpreted today.

Here's the past podcast on Roger Casement from the archive, as well as our show on the Catalpa and our series on the potato famine.

Episode link: The 1916 Easter Rising

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