Show Notes: The Doctors' Riot of 1788

Tracy Wilson

Body snatchers. © Bettmann/CORBIS

Sawbones is a show about medical history. It's for fun. Sometimes it's also for giving me ideas for podcast subjects, which is what happened with today's episode. After listening to the Sawbones episode Corpse Theft and the Resurrection Men while on a plane, I decided we needed an entire episode just on the Doctors' Riot of 1788. That's when a giant mob of people got so angry that buried bodies were being dug up for dissection that they stormed two different sites of medical study in New York. This was just one of at least 17 so-called anatomy riots in the U.S. between 1765 and 1854.

Listener mail is from Heather about our Edna St. Vincent Millay episodes (part 1 and part 2).

For more information: How Becoming a Doctor Works

Episode link: The Doctors' Riot of 1788

And! Here are not one, but TWO places to learn whether England was at war with France in a given year. These are also, like Sawbones, for fun, so please no pedantry about whether England was really England or France was really France at any of these times. We have seen the Venn diagram.

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