Show Notes: The Christmas Tree Ship

Tracy Wilson

Elsie Schuenemann Roberts, daughter of Captain Schunemann, holding a Christmas tree on a sidewalk in Chicago, Illinois, 1928. From the Chicago Daily News collection. Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images

In what's become a running theme on the show lately, today's episode is a frequent listener request ... and one that's a lot sadder than we realized before we got into it. For many years, sail-powered shipping dominated the Great Lakes region of the United States. As steam power took over, the sailing ships that carried on mostly hauled lumber. And, for a very few, that extended into carrying Christmas trees, much later in the season than other shipping operations. The Rouse Simmons was one of those. It sank in 1912 while hauling thousands of trees - and, sadly, all aboard were lost.

Our listener mail is from Thomas following our episode on the submarine S-5.

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