Show Notes: The Boston Massacre

Tracy Wilson

Paul Revere's quite historically inaccurate engraving of the Boston Massacre. Photo by MPI/Getty Images

Coincidentally, I'm writing up the show notes for our episode on the Boston massacre while sitting in Boston, Mass. And, yesterday a Boston native informed me that the distinctive un-massacre-y-ness of the Boston massacre is a well-known fact among people who have grown up here. Not so for many others - everyone in my completely unscientific poll in which I asked, "How many people do you think died in the Boston Massacre?" guessed a number of twenty or more. The reality was much smaller, and the massacre moniker exists today because of some very determined colonial spin doctoring.

We have listener mail from Amy and Dan following our Audre Lorde podcast (part one and part two).

Here's the Boston Massacre game we mentioned, and all those primary historical sources.

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Episode link: The Boston Massacre

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