Show Notes: The Batavia

Tracy Wilson

Part of the wreck of the Batavia at the Shipwreck Galleries. Orien Harvey/Lonely Planet/Getty Images

I know we just talked about a shipwreck last week. Perhaps three shipwreck episodes in a row are two too many for your taste. But the Batavia wasn't just a shipwreck. Its story also involves a mutiny and a massacre. Oh, and a syphilitic wet nurse.

Coincidentally, when we asked for suggestions of historical events to talk about last week, this was one of the most popular ones.

We tell it in two parts. In the first, the Batavia leaves port and wrecks, and its officers go on a rescue mission across 900 nautical miles of open ocean. In the second (coming Wednesday, April 10), things take a terrible turn for the survivors left behind off the coast of Australia.

Our listener mail in our episode on the Batavia's wreck comes from two comments left on our Facebook page following our crucifixion episode. They are from Tony and Susannah. The mutiny and massacre episode's listener mail is from Alexander, who offers new insight into our Sei Shonagon episode.

For more knowledge: How to Survive a Shipwreck and How did the East India Company change the world?

Episode download link for part 1: The Wreck of the Batavia

Episode download link for part 2: The Mutiny and Massacre of the Batavia

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