Show Notes: The Axman of New Orleans Part 1

Tracy Wilson

Look out, an ax! © Lukasz Lazarecki/

We were enormously excited when "American Horror Story: Coven" delved into some excellent past-episode territory right out of the gate: Marie Laveau and Madame Lalaurie. And so were listeners - that week, we got more notes and tweets giving us the heads-up about these two historical figures' presence on the show than we did about anything else. We also got requests to talk more about other history from the show, so as soon as it moved into something past hosts hadn't already covered, we jumped at the chance. That brings us to our two-parter on the real historical figure known as the Axman of New Orleans, which will publish today and Wednesday. (It's possible that, due to a publishing hiccup, you've gotten the second episode today, too!)

Also, buckle up: Holly spent some time crawling through Louisiana death records for this one.

Our listener mail is from Amy, who writes about our Rudolf II episode.

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Episode link: The Axman of New Orleans, Part 1

Holly's research:

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