Show Notes: Sylvia Rivera

Tracy Wilson

Button from the 4th Annual Christopher Street Gay Pride Day held in Greenwich Village, NYC, at which Sylvia Rivera was a scheduled speaker. --- Image by © David J. & Janice L. Frent Collection/Corbis

In articles about transgender and gay rights activist Sylvia Rivera, the same nickname comes up again and again: "the Rosa Parks of the gay rights movement." But Sylvia had far more in common with Claudette Colvin, the young woman who was considered, then rejected as a plaintiff in a court case to overturn bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama. Civil rights leaders feared that Claudette was not "respectable" enough to gain the sympathies of the white community - she was an unmarried, pregnant teenager with a reputation for getting in trouble. Consequently, it was Rosa Parks, who was a polite, soft-spoken, married churchgoer, who became a prominent face in the Civil Rights Movement after her later arrest for breaking bus segregation laws.

Similarly, Sylvia Rivera refused to toe a line of respectability when it came to advocating for civil rights for the LGBT community. Consequently, she and many other transgender activists were overlooked and pushed aside as the gay rights movement went mainstream.

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