Show Notes: Suleiman

Tracy Wilson

© Bettmann/CORBIS

Even if you've never studied the Ottoman Empire, this name may ring a bell: He was part of Katie and Sarah's episode "The Cinderella of the Harem." Suleiman (also spelled Suleyman) was a 16th-century Ottoman sultan who, in the course of his career, was a poet, a goldsmith, a military reformer and a conqueror. One of his many notable deeds was an attempted and ill-fated siege of Vienna, which is the primary focus of today's episode.

Our listener mail is from Ryan, who writes about the Great Kanto Earthquake. We also have a postcard we believe to be from Debbie, but the postcard was a little mangled in transit.

For more knowledge: Were people vying to become slaves in the Ottoman Empire?

Episode link: Suleiman the Magnificent and the Siege of Vienna

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