Show Notes: SPAM

Tracy Wilson

SPAM! And some other vintage-y-looking foods. Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images

OK, for real this time: It's a lighter subject to recover from our recent stretch of mostly sad, difficult, upsetting, tragic episodes. (It still has war and injustice in it, and a nod to some labor issues, but it's mostly fun food stuff.)

SPAM - pork shoulder and ham in a can, made by Hormel - became a household name in the U.S. almost immediately after its introduction. It turned into a staple food during World War II, when Hormel and other food producers supplied the U.S. and its allies with all manner of canned meats. Its association with old-fashioned, wholesome values persisted in the U.S. for decades, but thanks to the presence of U.S. troops elsewhere in the world, it has its own unique connotations (and recipes) in other regions.

Our listener mail is from Sam about our Great Leap Forward episode.

For more knowledge: How SPAM Works

Episode link: A Culinary History of SPAM

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