Show Notes: Sophie Blanchard

Tracy Wilson

Sophie Blanchard riding in a hot air balloon basket. © Lebrecht Music & Arts/Corbis

We're closing out October with a change of pace - Sophie Blanchard, balloonist at the height of a massive 18th-century ballooning craze. The balloons at that point in history used hydrogen as their fuel, so if you've heard our Hindenburg episode, you can guess how this one goes down.

Here's a link to the animated documentary we discuss!

Our listener mail is from Lise regarding our two-part episode (parts one and two) on Elsa Lanchester and the language we used in it to describe Charles Laughton's sexual orientation.

For more knowledge: How Hot Air Balloons Work (hint: not with hydrogen)

Episode link: Sophie Blanchard and Balloonomania

Holly's research:

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