Show Notes: Sewing Machines

Tracy Wilson

The pre-electricity, pre-treadle sewing machine © Getty Images/

In case you missed it: Holly is a hardcore sewer and I know how to sew, so an episode on the machines we hold so dear seemed like a natural choice. I had no idea there was so much fighting and fury in its origins, though. The "Mother Necessity" song on "Schoolhouse Rock" makes it seem like the simple inspiration of Elias Howe, but he's just one of the players (or combatants).

Here's a link to the episode: The Contentious History of the Sewing Machine

Our listener Allan points out an error in one of our Al Swearengen episodes, and Zoe writes about taxidermy and writing prompts.

The article we referenced is "How Sewing Machines Work."

Holly picked and researched this episode:

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