Show Notes: Rose Bertin

Tracy Wilson

Coronation robes of Marie Antoinette, designed by Rose Bertin and painted by Jean-Baptiste Gautier Dagoty, 1775. Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images

One of Marie Antoinette's many claims to historical fame was her inordinately large collection of opulent, dramatic gowns. Her legendary wardrobe has been criticized and envied to no end. Today's episode is about the woman who created much of that finery: Rose Bertin, a milliner with humble origins who became stylist to royalty.

Our listener mail is from Katie about our Everest episodes (part one and part two)

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Here is my friend Alice's discussion of "Katie Perry: Part of Me," which is why I had that comparison to make.

Episode download link: Rose Bertin: The First Fashion Designer

Holly's research:

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