Show Notes: Nazi Occult Fascination (Live!)

Tracy Wilson

An undated and unlocated picture shows German Nazi chancellor Adolf Hitler looking at a tiara and a sculpture of Napoleon Bonaparte during his visit of an art exhibition. Rudolf Hess stands in the background. AFP PHOTO / FRANCE PRESSE VOIR Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

Bryan Young joins Holly in the second of two live shows recorded at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX. This one is about Nazi fascination in the occult ... and how that was portrayed in the "Indiana Jones" film franchise.

A note on the sound: Our recording direct from the sound board had some technical issues, so this is a recording from a backup, which includes room noise as well.

Our listener mail is from listener Jillian, who cross-stitched a lovely Haunted Mansion piece for Holly.

Episode link: Live From FanX: Nazis, the Occult and Indiana Jones

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