Show Notes: Luis Alvarez Part 1

Tracy Wilson

Physicist Luis Alvarez is seen is his laboratory preparing to evacuate a Geiger counter. Image © Bettmann/CORBIS

I chose Luis Alvarez as the subject for an episode because of his work with his son on just what killed the dinosaurs and his 1968 Nobel Prize for physics. I didn't know at the time how many other inventions and discoveries he made during his life, or how he was involved in the Manhattan Project. It became clear almost immediately that we were going to need two episodes to do it all justice. In this episode, we talk about his upbringing and education, his earlier work in theoretical physics and some breakthroughs in radar technology that he had a hand in during World War II.

Our listener mail is from Amanda with a clarification about George Washington's teeth from our ice cream episode.

For more knowledge: How Radar Works

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