Show Notes: Lisztomania

Tracy Wilson

Portrait of Franz Liszt Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

I've always been a little jealous that past hosts of the podcast already talked about the "Rite of Spring" riots. So today we're talking about something just as musically weird - a fan phenomenon that heavily features shrieking ladies, but vastly predates Beatlemania. It's Lisztomania.

Here's the Library of Congress' extensive collection of Franz Liszt primary sources.

And ... I'm not even kidding. This is Franz Liszt. If I had been a 19-year-old French lady in 1841 I might have gotten giddy over him, too.

(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Our listener mail is from Ross, and it's along the lines of quite a few messages we received following our Calamity Jane episode, in which we mentioned getting a "too many women" review at a time when fewer than 25 percent of the previous episodes had been about women. Several people took exception to our math, but, to be clear, I didn't count 20 episodes back from Calamity Jane ... I counted 20 back from the date that was on the review. ("Fewer than 25 percent" was actually really generous, since I counted both The Lady Who Turned Into Soap, in which the woman is a saponified corpse rather than a living woman, and Two Other Alcotts, which spends less than half its time on May Alcott, as being episodes about women.)

Episode link: Lisztomania

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