Show Notes: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tracy Wilson

ca. 1930s-1940s --- Laura Ingalls Wilder signing a book. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Thanks to a semi-autobiographical book series, a movie, a TV show, and all kinds of other spin-offs, Laura Ingalls Wilder's life has become the world's most well-known (and beloved) example of what it was like to settle on the American frontier. But most people remember Laura as a child or, at the oldest, a young mother. Today's episode takes a brief look at the life described in the "Little House" books, but our focus is really on Laura the grown-up and how she came to write the books with the help of her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.

This is one of our most-requested topics, by so many different people we've lost count.

Our listener mail is about our smallpox episode. One is a correction that we got from a few people; this one's from Matt. (Rinderpest, like smallpox, has been eradicated by human activity.) Our other is from Anne Marie and is about chicken pox parties.

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