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Show Notes: La Scala Opera House

Missed In History: La Scala Opera House
View of la Scala opera house in Milan. Painting by Angelo Inganni (1807-1880) --- Image by © Leemage/Corbis

The Royal Ducal Theater was the heart of opera in Milan, so when it burned on Feb. 26, 1776, Empress Maria Theresa spearheaded its replacement. The new theater, Teatro alla Scala, or La Scala Opera House, became home to some of the opera world's most notable composers. It's still in use today, after a massive renovation project that went on from 2002 to 2004.

We have two pieces of listener mail. One is from Devon, about our listener mail from our Battle of Blair Mountain episode. The other is from Katherine, who sent us a link to an article about shin splints in medieval times.

Episode link: The La Scala Opera House

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