Show Notes: Krampus (and Friends) Part 1

Tracy Wilson

Greeting card. Postcard by the Viennese Werkstaette, Number 542. Colour Lithography, 14 : 9 cm. Around 1911. Photo by Imagno/Getty Images

We got a lot of requests to talk about Krampus this year (probably, at least in part, because of the movie). But we're taking about more than just Krampus this week. Over the next two episodes, we'll talk about a variety of wintertime holiday figures from a number of cultures. Today, we have the alpine Krampus, Italy's La Befana epiphany witch, and the Netherlands' Sinterklaas and his controversial companion Zwarte Piet.

Holly feels bad that we get so many listener mails and don't get to read many, so there are THREE this time, from Matt about Lucretia Mott, from Peter about diving, and from Rai ALSO about diving!

Here's the link to the video mentioned in Peter's email:

Episode link: The Krampus and Friends Holiday Special, Part 1

Holly's research:

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