Show Notes: Joseph Oller

Tracy Wilson

The Place Blanche, the Moulin Rouge, effects at the evening. Painting by Edouard Zawiski. --- Image by © Leemage/Corbis

Joseph Oller revolutionized not one but two industries. Yet, he isn't a household name today, possibly because of what those two industries were: betting and burlesque. There's some speculation, though, on whether he was an inspiration for the character Harold Zidler in "Moulin Rouge!"

Or listener mail is from Laurie, who sent us some lovely pictures of a historic dress after the Rose Bertin episode.

For more knowledge: 10 Quick Ways to Make Money and 10 Ways People Rack Up Debt (There's also How Burlesque Works.)

Episode link: Bets and Burlesque: Joseph Oller

Holly's research:

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