Show Notes: John Harvey Kellogg

Tracy Wilson

John Harvey Kellogg, age 86, riding a bicycle. © Bettmann/CORBIS

Thanks to a request from listener Pallace, today we talk about John Harvey Kellogg, who had some pretty common-sense beliefs about health and wellness. And he had some weird ones. Some really weird ones. Weird even within the context of "health spa." We also discuss Corn Flakes, Grape Nuts and masturbation (or, to be more accurate, the absence of masturbation). On that note, this is the first episode Holly and I have done that required a listener advisory at the start.

Our listener mail is from Ian, who sent cookies. Thanks for the cookies. We at them all, and it's only just now dawning on me that we read a letter about cookies in an episode about a guy who did not approve of sugar. Ian's letter also nods to our Emu War podcast.

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