Show Notes: Jane Addams Part 1

Tracy Wilson

The entrance hall of Hull House, 1931. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Jane Addams was a reformer who accomplished so much during her lifetime that she left enormous shoes to fill at Hull House, the Chicago social settlement she helped found with Ellen Gates Starr in 1899. She held so many offices and pursued so many improvements for immigrant communities, women, children and the working poor that we couldn't fit all of her work into one episode. So, today's episode will focus mostly on her early life and her work at Hull House. The next one will explore her work outside of Hull House, including her anti-war activism during World War I.

As with many episodes lately, this one's been requested repeatedly by numerous listeners.

Our listener mail today is from Bill, and he writes about several of our episodes, including ice cream and 10 Historical Hoaxes, and then bringing it back around to Johnny Appleseed.

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