Show Notes: House of Worth

Tracy Wilson

Another Worth innovation: the label. This one's from a 1900 wrapper. Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images

It's time for another fashion episode! Charles Frederick Worth was born in 1825 and eventually broke all kinds of new ground in the fashion world. In addition to making beautiful garments that set the standard for style at the time, Worth came up with a lot of concepts that we take for granted today, like garment licensing, standardized patterns and seasonal collections.

Our listener mail includes some really lovely postcards we've gotten from listeners. One is from Jackie, who sends a postcard from the House on the Rock's Red Room. We also have one from Jessica, who sent a postcard of an old wood block of cats in kimonos. And, we got one from Jessie, of a silk screen of Elsa Lanchester as Bride of Frankenstein.

Here is the blog post Holly referenced about how to find old episodes of Stuff You Missed in History Class.

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Episode link: The House of Worth and the Birth of Haute Couture

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