Show Notes: Gardner Museum (Update)

Tracy Wilson

An empty frame at the Gardner Museum. --- Photo by Brooks Kraft/Corbis Sygma --- Image by © Brooks Kraft/Corbis

Here's a little glimpse into into our publishing schedule: Today's episode is an update to Katie and Sarah's "What was the highest-value art heist in history?" We mention at the start that we're updating a few episodes because I needed a little time off work to handle some personal business. But the personal business itself was handled before the episode was even published, and now things are pretty much back to normal!

In this one, Katie and Sarah tell the story of Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the woman who created it and the theft that robbed it of several valuable works of art. Holly and I provide the update on the FBI's progress in the case.

If this place sounds intriguing to you, but Boston is too far for you to make the trip, you can explore the museum's rooms online! I'm particularly fond of the Chinese loggia and the cloisters.

Episode Link: Gardner Museum Art Heist (Update)

My update sources:

The Gardner Museum's page on the theft:

Comcowich, Greg. "FBI Provides New Information Regarding the 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist." FBI, Boston division.

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