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Show Notes: Ethan Allen

Missed In History: Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen, frontiersman folk hero. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

On top of being an oft-requested subject on his own, Ethan Allen's story touches on a number of other frequent listener requests. There's the Green Mountain Boys, the fall of Fort Ticonderoga, and Benedict Arnold's advance into Canada, to name a few. To add to all that, Allen himself was instrumental in the founding of the state of Vermont and went on to become something of a folk hero. It's enough stuff that he gets his own two-parter. (And that's even without talking about the furniture chain.)

Our listener mail in part 1 is from Sophie about our Big Inch Land Promotion podcast. In part 2, it's from Karen, who sent us a parcel after our La Scala Opera House episode.

For more knowledge: HowStuffWorks' Revolutionary War section and How the Rules of War Work

Episode links: Ethan Allen Part 1 and Ethan Allen Part 2

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