Show Notes: Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

Tracy Wilson

Portrait of English-born American doctor Elizabeth Blackwell, circa 1850. Photo by the Museum of the City of New York/Getty Images

I was surprised to learn when researching this podcast that only 31 percent of physicians in the United States are women. I've always lived in areas where I could choose a female doctor if I wished, although there are definitely still parts of the country where that isn't true. Today's episode takes us to the first of America's M.D.s, who not only was the first woman to graduate from an American medical school, but also paved the way for other women to get greater access to both medical education and jobs in medicine.

And it's not an exclusively U.S.-centric episode: Dr. Blackwell was born in England, continued her medical education in Paris, and spent much of her later life in England.

Our listener mail is from Vicki, who wrote to us about our Jane Austen podcast. You can find Jane Austen's history free online here: The History of England from the Reign of Henry the 4th to the Death of Charles the 1st by a Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant Historian.

Episode download link: Elizabeth Blackwell, America's First Female M.D.

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