Show Notes: Britain's Child Migrants

Tracy Wilson

The caption that came with this picture, which is so sad given the outcome: circa 1932: Forty cheering children, leaving Waterloo, headed for Western Australia where they are to be trained at a farm school. Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Thanks to the BBC TV series "Call the Midwife," I learned that, for a while, Great Britain sent "unwanted" children to Australia, where many of them wound up living in appalling conditions. Consequently I had to find out more about this, and then share it with all of you.

We called Kevin Rudd the Australian premier rather than prime minister in error, which was a mistake picked up from this source.

We've also got some great listener mail from John about time capsules and Andy Warhol.

Episode link: The Child Migrant Program

My research:

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