Show Notes: Mount Everest Part 1

Tracy Wilson

Mount Everest kiwisoul/iStockphoto/ThinkStock

Thanks to the combination of British imperialism and widely hailed parties of adventurers, the story of summiting Everest has a distinctly 19th-century feel. And while Sir George Everest did rename it in 1856, most of the (primarily British) efforts to get to the top took place through the first half of the 1900s. The first known party to reach the summit didn't get there until 1953.

We're breaking our story about getting to the top of the mountain into two episodes. This one takes us up to World War II, during which there was a pause in the exploration effort because of the war.

Our listener mail is from Ellen who writes about our Crown Prince Sado episode.

For more knowledge: Are there dead bodies on Mount Everest?

Episode download link: Getting to the Top of the World, Pt. 1

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