How to Find Old Episodes of Stuff You Missed in History Class

Tracy Wilson


Holly and I get lots of notes from listeners asking whether we have an episode on a particular topic, or suggesting that we cover subjects that we've actually already done. Unfortunately, there's no possible way we can respond to them all, and at this point many go sadly unanswered. So! Here are lots of ways to find our back episodes to see whether we have something you're interested in or are thinking about suggesting.

  • The quick and dirty way is just to Google "missed in history" along with the topic you're interested in. Most of the time, if we've covered it, it will be the first result. (Ninety percent of the time, this is how I answer the question "Do you have a podcast on ____?")
  • On our website, the search bar searches both podcasts and blog posts. We've gone back through old episodes to try to make their titles more specific so they'll show up in search. (So, for example, we added Elizabeth Bathory's name to the show's second episode, which is really called "Was a Hungarian countess the world's most prolific serial killer?") We also have an archive of every Stuff You Missed in History Class episode ever, which you can search by pressing control-f on a PC or command-f on a Mac. Protip: Less is more when you do either of these ... for example, the Madame Lalaurie episode doesn't include her first and middle names in the title, so you'll find it if you search "Lalaurie," but not "Marie Delphine Lalaurie."
  • Our RSS feed also lists every episode with a brief description. You'll need an RSS reader, a browser that can display RSS feeds or an RSS plugin for your browser.
  • On iTunes, in your library (not in the iTunes store, which only shows 300 episodes), look under My Podcasts and select Feed. This will show you every episode in a list. (I wish I could be more specific, but it tends to move around when iTunes updates its design.) The same basic trick works in the Podcasts app on an iOS device. In either place, if you haven't listened for a while, iTunes will stop updating the list and you'll need to prompt it to start up again.
  • iHeartRadio has an episode list with descriptions, which you can search with the control-f/command-f trick (but it's just the more recent episodes, not the whole archive). Stitcher also has an episode list, without descriptions, although it only reveals a few before you have to click "Show More Episodes." (Consequently I'm not sure how far back the list goes.)

I'm sure there are lots of other apps that will do the job as well, but these are the ones I'm most familiar with. You can find just about everything we've covered on the show this way ... the only exceptions are episodes that cover several subjects at once, like 5 Historical Hoaxes. Those aren't easily searchable, but I'm trying somethings to see if I can fix that. This post has been variously revised and updated.