How to Contact Stuff You Missed in History Class

Tracy Wilson


Lots of folks have been getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter lately to ask what our email address is, or what the best way is to contact us. We also know lots of folks listen to the show in the car (or in some other place with no pen and paper handy) when we rattle off all our addresses at the end of the episodes. So! Here it all is.

Please note that we don't do guest posts, and we don't publish unsolicited content. Also, while we love getting topic suggestions from people, sending extensive research to us unasked can create problems later on. While we appreciate folks' generosity, please, please don't write up a lengthy treatment of what the episode should be like or write and submit an episode outline for us. To prevent problems of copyright and ownership down the road, we delete unsolicited episode outlines and scripts unread. Similarly, please hold off on sending us a copy of your book draft/paper/thesis/dissertation/essay/family papers (unless we ask you to do so).

  • Our email address goes to both of us, and email is 100 percent the best way to make sure we both see your message. It's also the easiest when it comes to keeping track of episode suggestions and other important stuff. For the sake of trying to dodge the spam scrapers (our inbox is fortunately not yet overrun by spam): The Stuff You Missed in History Class email address is historypodcast at
  • Our mailing address is 675 Ponce De Leon Ave. Suite 4500, Atlanta, GA 30308. That's what people ask for most often (after email address).
  • Our Twitter is @missedinhistory. We both check the Twitter account, but it is very, very easy for stuff to slide down our mentions before we see it or make note of it. This is particularly true when one or both of us is out of the office. (It is also particularly true when someone says something really mean, and I clear the whole mentions column so I don't have to look at it anymore.)
  • Our Facebook is also under MissedInHistory. We both look at Facebook comments, but due to the various ways Facebook threads comments, it's really easily to miss things, particularly on very active threads. It's a great way for listeners to talk to each other, but if there's something you want to make sure we see, email is still the best way!
  • Our Tumblr is at We always see what's in the message inbox, but depending on how much something gets reblogged, we don't usually see all the notes.
  • Our Pinterest is at I will confess that we don't see a lot of the comments on our pins.
  • Our Instagram name is also MissedInHistory. Because the app shows likes and comments in the same notification area, it's easy to miss comments left there, too.