Right Now in Stuff You Missed in History Class

Vasari was an artist and architect in 16th-century Italy. But what really made him famous was his writing.

Phillis Wheatley

Perceptions and interpretations of Phillis Wheatley's life and work have shifted since the 18th century.

SYMHC Classics: The Red Ghost of Arizona and the U.S. Camel Corps

We're revisiting the story of a a mysterious beast that trampled a woman in Arizona in 1883. The creature turned out to be a camel.

Sadako Sasaki’s 1000 Cranes, Part 2

The show's 1000th episode continues the story of Sadako Sasaki and the peace movement that was catalyzed by her death.

Sadako Sasaki’s 1000 Cranes, Part 1

Sadako Sasaki developed A-bomb disease as a result of the bombing of Hiroshima, and the origami crane became a symbol of her story.

SYMHC Classics:  Who was the real Lone Ranger?

The Lone Ranger has traditionally been portrayed by white actors, but many believe this character is based on a former slave named Bass Reeves.

The Last Carolina Parakeet and Other Endlings

On February 21, 1918, the last known Carolina parakeet died at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Hawaii's Legend of the Menehune

The story of the Menehune is one that's been handed down through oral history for generations. What are the real-world roots of this mythology?

SYMHC Classics: Villisca Ax Murders

In 1912, a small Iowa town was the scene of a chilling and brutal crime.

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas

Stein is an icon of modernist literature. Toklas is often described as her partner and assistant, but that short changes her story.

Pauline Sabin

A woman named Pauline Sabin is often credited as being one of the major activists behind Prohibition’s repeal.

SYMHC Classics: Abelard and Heloise

This episode revisits the tragic love story of poet, philosopher and theologian Abelard, and his student Heloise.

The Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike

A sanitation strike that lasted for nine weeks brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis, Tennessee, where he was assassinated.

Aspasia and Pericles

This is often held up as one of history’s great love stories, but their high-profile relationship was central to a key period in Greek history.

SYMHC Classics: Double Agent James Armistead and the American Revolution

Armistead was a slave in Virginia, but got his master's approval to enlist when the Revolutionary War came. Armistead worked as a spy.

Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton

Mary-Russel Ferrell Colton was a painter, author and educator. But she's most famous for co-founding of the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Anne Lister

At a time when many women sought husbands to ensure financial stability, Anne Lister was looking for a wife.

SYMHC Classics: Who was Emanuel Swedenborg?

Today's classic revisits philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, who found himself struggling with his faith as he searched for evidence of the human soul.

The Donation of Constantine

For centuries, a forged document granted a large amount of Roman Empire land and power to Pope Sylvester I and his successors.

Rufus Wilmot Griswold

Griswold is most commonly known as Edgar Allan Poe's rival, and for creating negative characterizations of Poe that have endured more than a century.