Stuff You Missed in History Class Live Shows!

It's time for some live shows! (Peshkova/ThinkStock)
It's time for some live shows! (Peshkova/ThinkStock)

We've got a couple of live shows coming up this summer and fall!

Salt Lake Comic Con, September 21-23: Holly will be doing a live show on Lon Cheney with past guest and friend of the show Bryan Young. (Tracy's schedule didn't permit attending this time around, and she's sorry to miss everyone.) The exact day and time of the live show are currently TBD, and Holly will likely be doing other panels and appearances as well. The live show is part of the convention programming, and no special admission (apart from a convention badge) is required.

NYCC Presents, October 6: Tracy and Holly will present "Rodolphe Topffer and the First Comic Book" at 9:30 p.m. at Hudson Mercantile. Tickets are available here. Our colleagues Stuff to Blow Your Mind also have their own live show in the same venue at 7 p.m.


Q: Why not my city?

A: Most likely, because your city hasn't invited us (yet). We're not up to a stand-alone tour yet, so all of our live shows have been at the invitation of a show or venue. (There's a tiny, tiny chance that your city did invite us and it didn't work out, but at this point that's only happened a couple of times due to scheduling conflicts.)

Q: How can I get you to come to my city?

A: If there's a museum, convention, conference or something similar in your area, let the organizers know you'd like us to be there!

Q: Will these live shows be episodes of the podcast, too?

A: Unless something unforeseen happens during recording or production, yes, we hope so. If there's some kind of recoding catastrophe, we'll release a studio version instead.