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Show Notes: Jamaica's Maroon Wars

In the 18th century, Jamaica's Maroon population, made up of people who had escaped or been set free from enslavement, was at war with its white colonists and planters.

Show Notes: The Bombing of the Atlanta Temple

On October 12, 1958, Atlanta's Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple, known locally as The Temple, was bombed by white supremacists.

Show Notes: Executive Order 9066, Part 2

Under Executive Order 9066, anyone of Japanese American ancestry, whether a U.S. citizen or not, was removed to one of 10 camps constructed around the Western and Southern United States.

Show Notes: Executive Order 9066, Part 1

Although it made no specific mention of ancestry or nation of origin, Executive Order 9066 paved the way for the mass removal of Japanese Americans from the West Coast during World War II.

Show Notes: The Women's March on Versailles

Enraged by a massive food shortage and repeated incidents of waste among the royalty, in the early days of the French Revolution, Paris' women marched on Versailles.

Show Notes: Ira Frederick Aldridge

Ira Frederick Aldridge became one of the most celebrated Shakespearean actors of the Victorian age, and was the first black actor to make a name for himself interpreting Shakespeare.