Missed In History: The Real Al Swearengen Part 1

BY Tracy V. Wilson / POSTED March 5, 2013
Hammerbrook - City can this really be true?
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You know a bit about Al Swearengen if you’ve seen the HBO series “Deadwood,” but the show skips his early life and his service in the Civil War (and so do most other accounts of his life). It’s a story so long, convoluted and filled with illegalities that we needed two episodes to get into it. This installment looks at his life up until he got Deadwood and opened his infamous saloon. The next episode will cover the Deadwood years to death.

Holly did the research legwork on these two episodes. Here’s an overview:

Listener mail this episode is from Helene, Margie and Gavin on the Walter Potter’s Wild and Wonderful Taxidermy episode.

Here’s a link to the episode: The Real Al Swearengen, Part 1

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