Missed in History: The Long Winter

BY Tracy V. Wilson / POSTED December 25, 2013
Hammerbrook - City can this really be true?
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long winter circa 1880: A train passing through the snow near Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo by Otto Herschan/Getty Images)

We have a few Christmas topics in the archive: There’s Who was Good King Wenceslas, the Christmas Truce and whether Oliver Cromwell really canceled Christmas. For Christmas this year, we continue on in the theme of Monday’s Laura Ingalls Wilder episode with an exploration of the winter of 1880-1881. At the time, people called it the Hard Winter or the Starving Winter – “Hard Winter” was what Laura originally called “The Long Winter,” her novel about the experience.  In the book, her Christmas is a meager one, but they get a do-over in the spring after everything finally, finally thaws.

Barbara Mayes Boustead has done some awesome fact-checking of the novel vs. reality.

Our listener mail is from Emma about our Audre Lorde episode (part 1 and part 2).

For more knowledge: 10 Biggest Snowstorms of All Time

Episode link: I’ve written this before that link exists to allow for some holiday vacation time. I’ll add it when I return! In the mean time, here’s our RSS feed, or you can find the episode iTunes or Stitcher.

My research:

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